international freight forwarder

Assurance is a key word for us at OFS. For any type of International cargo you can leave your worries for us. Whether it is small volumes to hiring a chartered plane, it is our assurance that things will be managed professionally and commitments kept.

We also handle in bound freight from USA, virtually the entire Europe, China and the sub continent.

international freight forwarder

When it comes to sea freight, OFS goes the extra mile to ensure that all things are managed as per the commitment given. Our professional staff eagerly takes on the task at hand and sees it through final culmination. They coordinate the movements of the full container load (FCL) to international ports and lesser loads to the destination of your choice.

We handle sea cargo, whether it is containers, break bulk, flat racks, LCL and gateway consolidations, HAZMAT, or import/export efficiently and with minimum of fuss.

The inbound freight comprises the following, USA, Germany, Italy, U.K., Spain, France, Scandinavian countries, China the sub continent. The outbound destinations include GCC Countries, Middle East, Africa, Europe and USA.

international freight forwarder

Whether it is heavy or the size is big, or for that matter it is unconventional, professionals at OFS can handle anything as far as land freight is concerned. We also ensure it arrives as per the committed schedule anywhere in the world.

OFS offers land freight to most of the GCC countries like Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

We also have a specialized LTL service to Iraq for DDP shipments.

international freight forwarder


The OFS’s warehousing management is handled by trained, experienced and certified professionals. We ensure that the service offered is one of a kind. Special attention is given to the loading and the unloading process.

Our warehouse personnel ensure with their expertise and professionalism that the goods are delivered intact and on time to the destination, whether domestic or international as chosen by the client.

Since our systems are well honed and integrated, the flow of the freight is done through proper supply chain management, thereby reducing costs and enhancing productivity.

international freight forwarder


Clearing and forwarding is one of the mainstays of OFS. Import or export either by sea, air or land, OFS has the complete competence to take care of the entire undertaking.

As Clearing Agents our staff keeps updated about the various rules and regulations to handle the freight with speedy processing.

An extensive network of agents internationally helps us route the freight with proficient ease. Whether the shipment is single or multiple or project cargo we will handle your goods worldwide, from a foreign origin to the final consignee.